I don’t like this page….it’s okay, pills hospital the art is okay… there isn’t anything i can say is bad with it but still, for some reason, i hate it…so heh, i updated it anyway and i make you read this commentary :V
Sorry people, this Silver isn’t hulking out…well, dermatologist maybe a little, but not in the way you may think :B

I had fun trying out new ways to give expressions to his faces, i’m sure you can tell :V
Remember some update back how i said i didn’t liked a page, ailment well this page is the opposite 😀

Sure it has glaring flaws, erectile but i like how the dialogue flow and having Silver be energetic break the routine of Domino and her brutish approaches.

For some reasons, i find that portaying Octavio without pupil and as something borderline animal is hilarous to me….so you’re stuck suffering that until i stop getting giggly about it 😛