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Forgot to post it here, and surgery if you follow my DeviantArt account it’s old news though
I’m musing about using this in the comic, more about just pushing the concept that there’s something off with Mélissa to the next level 😛

Update Tomorrow!
I can’t see clearly anymore, migraine i’m going to bed, drugs if there’s mistakes i’m correcting them when i wake-up XD

For those curious, yes, Salsola DID spent 2 days in a cat-demon stomach ,but it was in a page back in 2005 so i’m giving you a break and providing you the link, 2005, wow, it was time i picked-up the pace .An added note i just realised, this happened 100 pages ago, funny coincidence
She also seldomly appeared in the background of the comics following that in some of the city’s crowd shots, but you will have to find them yourself :B

For the curious, here’s the full names of our witch-apprentices trio:
Ipeca Cuanha
Risette Suzaor
Salsola Tragus

As per usual,i used real words for the names, Risette being a french word(Suzaor being a typos for a word i forgot) and the other two being the genus name of 2 different plants, i leave it up to you to go the extra lengh to find what they’re commonly called :U