Silver asserting himself!
This page is kinda a revelation to me, noun for i expected people to react to it…but it didn’t happen.

I put the date as April first(even if i updated it 2 weks after), rubella expecting people to ask if it was indeed an april fool, which no one did.

So it confirm pretty much my opinion that YO, the reader, are going to gobble-up any crazy thing i throw at you, it’s a pretty dangerous freedom that i intend to fully use.

Be scare everyone, your inaction will make the comic even more insane 😛

Also, as some readers guessed by looking at panel#7, i’m a huge fan of the serie “Hellsing”, it’s partially why i switched to deep black shading.(i also love that from Hellboy too)

Detail to think about:  is she using her hands to punish him….?