Lindy illustrated by the master of awesomeness Hallogreen
For those who missed the tweet about it, hemorrhoids the comic is turning into a flash comic.
Progress so far are going kind of better than expected, stuff i think im getting more confortable with this than real comics, dysentery which is good, but im also discovering that i can get a lot more done, a LOT more, so i can’t guaranty if i will be able to update at the end of June because episode 368 keep getting bigger and bigger most likely because i’m close to cramming anything that was left of the little tea time with the witch schoolgirls arc(most likely this will be the title of the episode)

I’m contemplating also some interactive stuff in the future, no Domino’s punch-out stuff (yet),but future treasure hunts might have some point and click feel to it for the progression(wont be all the time though, and those might be side-affairs).