a distraction doodle of Sanom a character from the mind of @cosmosjester


a distraction doodle of Sanom a character from the mind of @cosmosjester

I always been doing a pretty poor job of keeping news of this up to
date, rx
so i might as well write a little aobut progresses and whats not.

switched from using flash to using toonboom, salve
thats more delays,
initially i already delayed by switching form using the brush tool to
using the pen tool in flash, so that meant redoing the art, or at least
retracing it, and now i got to import and re-retrace everything in
toonboom. It will consume more time but its for the best, its faster to
import and redo in toonboom than to end them fully in flash.

10+ episodes started still in various states of completion, no
backgrounds yet because i’m still on the fence about the visual style i
should take for those. those episodes are like treasure hunt of the week
stuff, like an oav or an anime movie, except that what happen in them
is canon, though it doesnt really happen in a specific point in the

Speaking of continuity, that will be the name of the
serie that follow the wecomic plot, so anything named fortissima
treasure hunters: *insert epsidoes title here* will be standalone, and
the continutiy stuff will be named FTH: Continuity#1-2-3-4-etc

went with that name because it jsut make sense, if you see multiple
episdoes and you see one named continuity, the name kind of imply it has
plot continuity. plus its a continuity of the plot of the comic so it
jsut fit, and it has that cheesy veneer to it.

The continuity
episodes will be pretty similar to the comic pages were; very serial
like and also very short. The animation will be cutting corners more
than the stand alone episodes so that the wait between them wont be as
big. Expect some Hanna barbera and anime style corner cutting, though
knowing myself i will still find ways to over animate those.

will LITTERALLY continue where the comic left, like from the last comci
page straight into the first Continuity episode. I got no plan to
reboot or do a side serie to resume the what happened in the comics, the
comics exist and are part of the continuity so people can jsut look
them up if they want to see them. the cartoon will be made in a way that
you dont really need to have read it though, it will reference them and
such, but it will be like the lord of the rings movies, like stuff
happened in the hobbits, but the lotr movies are made in a way that you
dont need to have actually seen/read the hobbit to enjoy it. Though you
will get some more milleage out of Continuity if you did.

But who
know, when i get VA and if FTH become popular and everyone agree, it
coudl always be some sort of patreon milestone to have the comics edited
and read by the vocie actors in some sort of Abridged format. I leave
the door open. But its not my focus, its more of a side option.

got a couple of helpers now, a writer to proof-read me and make my
frenglish sound more natural, some people to help me give the epsiodes
subtitles in diverse languages(french-swedish-japanese) and more people
to confirm later. Voice acting wise i got many maybes for various
characters, but no one cast for the main characters, but theres still
plenty of time. Same for the intro-credit music and the background
music, at this point i’m really considering doing some synthetiser mood music carpenter style myself if nothing come-up(i never made music before).

new first episode has been done by reusing the sketches i did at the
end of 2015 and at its beginning, so expect to recognise a couple of
faces…litterally 8U

It’s made to be really short to test vocie actors and

the first epsidoe is released i will start a patreon for it, the money
will be use to pay voice actors and anyone helping me.I don’t really
expect anything out of it, i’m okay with paying out of my pocket since
this is my own pet project, but it’s always better to keep options open.
There will be monetisation on youtube, since all the content is 100%
original,but i got no expectations, FTH will continue regardless of
popularity or profits;if it wasnt the case FTH would be dead years ago,
this is a passion project).

I got plans to have eyecatches before
and after the advertising, and some fake ads for other projects or for
fictive merchandise, i don’t know the extend this will take, like if it
will involve liveaction,cameos and whats not, that’s still in

For those not in the know,I been making animation parodies with Tiarawhy on his channel at for some year now,FTH wont be on his channel though. Parodies and the like will be msotly psoted on his channel and original stuff will be on mine. Do follow us on both 😀

I think that’s
about it, as it is i want to have the first episode ready to be edited
and voiced in march, but we will see how things goes. I missed FTH 10th
year anniversary in 2012,but it will be up and running for the 15th
years anniversary next year.