Little rough preview of a scene

Little rough preview of a scene


– The Best of 2013 –

Hello everyone I just thought I do a llittle something for my buds this holiday season.

Circe: I was happy to meet you in my life, viagra 40mg
and how our friendship has grown, you have so much Potential, I look forward to the wonderful characters and stories you will create.

Inky / Atrox Cleave / Moth:  You guys were the best to me this year , even in my darkest of moods, you guys brought me out of the depths of the abyss of sadness and lifted my spirits, You guys are the best. Cleave you are a smart guy, I really admire your passion and dedication to your craft,

Inky I’ve know you for a long time, and I feel privlaged to have met you in my life

Moth:  You’re the best, a pure saint, thanks for being my friend and being really cool with me, I appreciate all our talks, and you sharing me your creations. 

Atrox, you are a great guy, you put up with my horsing around, and you actually open my eyes in more ways than one.

Carla: We’ve met long ago, and I’ve seen you from your beginnings… I really am awe of how much you’ve progressed as an artist. You are really nice to me and you’ve inspired me in making my work more Cheerful on more than one occasion.

Air-City: You are a true bro, and you’ve got great creativity, I really love how you take such vivid colors and run with it, you are also a cool guy too, fun to chat with. 

ThemrockHey Dirk, you are a great guy, you’ve helped push me in the right direction in my work, and for that i am really grateful to have had the courage to talked to you.

Sqoon: I feel that we are kindred spirits, which frightens and excites me, you are a swell guy and I really love your characters. I really love to see you develop them further, you have great stories. 

MangnetoMang you are a great guy, and I really love your creations, I hope to get to know you better as time goes on, you really given me a charge with how energetic your style is.

Edli: I’ve known you for a great two years thus far, you are kind and generous, i really enjoyed hanging out with you too when we got the chance, Disneyland was great. I really would love to see you realize your dreams, you are one of the sweetest persons I know. 🙂
KitoSorry for the double post , but i didn’t get to say what i wanted last time. You are really kind to me, and you’ve seen my work when I was first beginning, and you stuck around, that means something. I really love your characters as they are all fun to draw, I really look forward in seeing you create your stories.

RemiYou were one of the first guys to ever talk to me, and you’ve been me through my darkest hours. You stuck around too… You’ve changed my view on the world and challenged me to see the world in a new way, not only in just art, but in life and personal philosophy, I could never begin to repay your kindness to me, since you’ve done so much for me.

Keep on being awesome you guys 😀 We got a whole new year ahead of us. 😀 ?